There is magic in all of us.
The Guild needs it more than ever.

Discover yours today.

From the Bloodstone Peaks to Faeling Foothills, the land holds its breath.

Though thousands of years have passed since The Lost Millenia, a collective exhale has been waiting to be released.

Feel it in your chest—the tension—as if something deep inside is wanting to show itself to you.

The Old Magic.

Only rumors and stories remain, its secrets lost when the Elves went into hiding…or so it was thought.

A fresh wind from Fae-elle brings an air of change. The Lonely Alder begins to bud. The stars seem brighter, more numerous—but only over Whitethorn Grove. The White Spire reports frenzied activity from The Uncharted.

A new order is forming, and it claims to know the way to use magic once more. Will you join us in learning these secrets? Will you seek to corrupt this power?Enter Vindamora.

Reveal what is within.