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Last project

Vindamora is a world, created by David Haller (@TheNFdoc) in what will be his debut fantasy novel release.

Guild of Vindamora is our first step in disrupting the old, exploitative industry of book publishing. The traditional model of the publishing world uses authors as a commodity to create major revenue streams for publishing houses. Typical royalty breakdowns earmark less than 10% of sales to authors, while the rest goes to the publisher. We believe this multi-billion dollar industry should be flipped on its head.

Source: TCK Publishing

Web3 has the ability to disrupt the publishing industry. Through the power of storytelling (lore), community, and world building, NFTs offer a gateway in which we can invite investors, collectors, and fantasy novel enthusiasts alike to join in building Vindamora together.

We believe in the power of community to change the way that creatives build a future for themselves. For us, Vindamora is the first step in demonstrating this model.

Guild of vindamora - The Roadmap

Guild of Vindamora

NFT Launch
October 25th, 2022

10,000 NFTs, inviting you into the world of Vindamora. Upon sell out, all original minters will receive a signed digital copy of the first chapter draft of David Haller's debut novel - airdropped right to their minting wallets. The supply of this airdrop will be capped at the number of original minters.

100 NFTs will be reserved for giveaways and future collaborations.

Our budget breakdown is as follows:

5% Dev
10% Artist
40% Community Building
40% Founders
5% Special Projects

Novel One

Summer / Fall 2023

David Haller's debut novel is slated to be released in 2023. There's so much to say here, but for now, we have to keep this portion close to our chests.

All minters of Guild of Vindamora will have a credit at the end of this first book as being part of the beginnings of this project.

Future of Vindamora

More than PFPs

Vindamora is far more than just a PFP collection. From events to future expansions of the Vindamora ecosystem, we have a lot in store for the future of this project.

However, we are believers in under promising and over delivering. We'll announce more specifics as they are ready.

Vindamora Publishing

Disrupting an old industry for the future of creatives.

Q4 2023 / Q1 2024, Vindamora Publishing will be poised and ready to take on our first round author cohort. We aren't building this just for us. We want to see creative authors from all around the world benefit from this new publishing model.



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Guild of vindamora - The Team

David Haller is the founder and author behind Guild of Vindamora. ER doctor by day and novelist by night, David has become captivated by the power of community in Web3 to quite literally change the world. David resides in California with his partner & two boys. Follow him on Twitter to catch his latest adventure.

James is the marketing lead & co-founder of Guild of Vindamora. With over 10 years in design and marketing experience, James has worked with Web2 and Web3 clients alike to help them develop storytelling marketing efforts. You can read more about what he's up to lately on his Twitter.

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